The story of email as a medium for marketing is very old. Before search engines and social media changed the digital landscape, the entire sum of digital marketing could be filled within email. The ability to engage audiences through well-written emails was valued in the market.

The value of a good email marketing company was apparent. Many marketing agency startups opened their doors on the back of their knowledge in email marketing.
Now with the advent of a plethora of marketing practices, the concept of a sole email marketing agency is no longer relevant. Yet, the idea of email marketing is still important in the overall scheme of things. People are still using their email accounts to engage with brands. Thus, a good email marketing company can still succeed.

Email Marketing

How We Do Email Marketing at Quick Webster?

Any worth doing is not done easily. It requires a great amount of planning and effort. Email marketing is the same. As an email marketing company, we realize the need to have a plan. To make sure email direct marketing succeeds, our agency works within a set framework.


Listening to Client Expectations

Before delving into the tactical aspects of email marketing, we first try and understand the expectations of our clients. Not every client has the same objective. Some are looking for a long time solution to inbound marketing and want to use their direct mailing list. Others are barely at the beginning of their email marketing journey. Email marketing consultants at our agency sit down with clients and understand their specific needs.


Market Research

We also use this time to study the industry and market to which the client belongs. For this, we do in-depth market research and study our client’s competitors to understand how others are making the most of email marketing. As one of the best email marketing companies around, we are quickly able to spot the positives and negatives of every brand’s email strategy.


Audience Segmentation

Every brand wants to reach its audience. However, the audience is usually not a homogenous set of people. We help our clients segment a large target audience into small homogenous groups. Once the audience is separated into smaller groups, our email marketing experts can then formulate different plans for each of these smaller groups.


Content Strategy

Eventually, the success of an email marketing push lies in the quality of the content. Whether you’re looking for B2B email marketing services or a B2C solution, the ability of the content to attract the audience ultimately the make or break factor. At our email marketing company, we have a team of talented copywriters who make sure your content engages and enthralls every segment of the audience.


Email Analytics

We don’t run away after starting an email marketing campaign for you. As the best email marketing company around, we help our clients analyse data from their email campaigns. Once a campaign begins, a lot of user data regarding the engagement comes in. We help our clients dissect all this information and present a clear path forward.


Feedback and Support

At the end of every cycle, we sit down with our clients to discuss all the important feedback they get from potential customers and audiences. Based on this feedback, we start readying changes in the email strategy. Our email marketing agency will never stop working until the day you tell us not to.

Why Should You Choose Quick Webster As An Email Marketing Company?

When you go through the many companies providing email marketing services today, you will notice a trend. Everyone is dying to get hands on a good client such as yourself, but none of them have a plan to make you successful.

After all, any email marketing company you hire must first think about making you successful. The entire point of providing email marketing services is to help clients find success.

If you happen to visit an email marketing agency, ask the many professionals there how they plan to make your business more successful. You will get stuttering answers from people who claim to be geniuses.

At Quick Webster, you will get a clear plan of action. After working with clients from many different sectors and industries, we have a set base of operation. We know exactly how to launch your business into orbit.

We have provided email marketing services to small businesses and we have worked with the biggest brands in the market. Our approach is always to set a plan in motion to make you more successful. We are the best email marketing company in the market because we understand one simple thing – only the success of our client can bring sustainable success for our own company.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Do you have questions?
Before hiring an email marketing agency, it is natural to have some burning questions. We expect the same from our clients. If you’re confused about hiring us as an email marketing agency, here are a few answers which might help.

When you have search engines and social media channels, what is the need of email marketing? On a closer look, you will notice this overexposure of media is exactly why email marketing is so important now. Audiences of all kinds are exposed to a lot of branded content these days. Capturing their attention in a cluttered social media space is difficult. In an email inbox however, you can capture the attention of the audience more effectively.

Of course, you can learn email marketing. There are many resources online you can choose to learn from. Here’s the problem. To become an expert in email marketing, you need to work on it for atleast two years. Are you ready to wait two years to effectively deploy email marketing for your business? This is why it’s better to hire an email marketing agency with a reputable name in the market.

This depends on your goals. If you have a short term goal of simply getting more visitors to your website, we can help you reach this goal within three to four weeks. However, if you’re starting from scratch and want to build a mailing list, it will take us more time to help you grow. Since email marketing is a great way to shore up your inbound marketing infrastructure, you should consider gunning for a long term plan.

One of the reasons email marketing is now seeing a renaissance is its ability to drive up email marketing conversions. The sales funnel approach of e-commerce is perfectly suited to email marketing. At Quick Webster, our email marketing company has separate plans for ecommerce clients to help them quickly drive up conversions and sales.

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