PPC Meaning And How It Helps Business?

What is Your Business Missing without PPC?

PPC Meaning: PPC is an unsettling word for many small business owners and entrepreneurs at startups. The reason is simple. Simply the term ‘pay-per-click’ evokes a sense that a large amount of money has to be invested in a PPC push. Since most things are driven by perception, PPC services have become a less preferred form of marketing.

In truth, PPC is a great way for a business to achieve its objective. It can help a marketer achieve many objectives which seem lofty and ambitious with relative ease and the right injection of money.

Unlike traditional marketing which is often a blind investment of money, PPC services are essentially an accurate investment of capital in places where conversions are most likely.

Unfortunately, many small businesses do not freely invest in PPC services. There are many reasons why PPC doesn’t get as much love as something like SEO. With the right investment and a good team behind the effort, a PPC campaign can deliver positive results. The key point to note here is time. The turnaround time of a PPC campaign is much faster when compared to an SEO effort.

In this article, we try and answer some basic questions on PPC and PPC services. Given the focus these days of digital marketing, understanding PPC is something no business can afford to ignore.

What is PPC Meaning?

Before delving into the nuts and bolts of PPC services, the first thing you must understand is the meaning of PPC.


PPC refers to a type of ad run primarily on search engines like Google & Bing and other websites. In such ads, the advertiser has to pay every time someone clicks on an ad. The amount to be paid for each click is pre-arranged so managers can manage their budget accordingly.

The primary use of PPC ads is on search engines. Search platforms like Google and Bing have their own ad platforms which allow advertisers to post PPC ads.

Whenever you search something on Google, you might have seen one or more results appearing at the top with ‘Ad’ written beside the page URL. These are examples of PPC ads. They are triggered to appear when certain queries are searched by a user.

The beauty of using PPC on search engines is that ads appear only when specific keywords are searched. This essentially makes sure that the ad is seen and clicked by those who have an interest in learning more about the advertiser.

Why is PPC Less Popular than SEO?

This is not entirely true, even though it is a general perception. SEO tends to be more acceptable to small businesses and startups than PPC.

The reason behind this falsehood being perceived as the truth is that PPC ads require investment.

SEO or search engine optimization allows marketers to increase their presence on search engines organically. They do not have to pay search engines anything to appear on the top of the search engine results page (SERP). Good content is itself enough for a webpage to be ranked high on Google SERPs.

Since there is no payment involved, marketers naturally tend to prefer SEO. It not only promises traffic, but gradual growth in the number of visitors as well if quality content is created consistently. PPC, on the other hand, requires investment. It is also not as straightforward as SEO and requires a hard-hitting keyword strategy,

The Bright Side of PPC

While it is appreciable to focus on inbound practices like SEO, PPC can deliver small businesses one thing they need more than anything else- customers.

Think of a startup with a small marketing budget. To effectively reach its target audience, the startup hired a small SEO team. The SEO team regularly post content and create backlinks for the content.

Two months pass, and while traffic to the website is growing, it is not enough to sustain the business. Why it so?

SEO is a long game. While it does deliver results if the content is good, the growth of traffic is not always consistent.

What if the startup cannot handle these long periods of no business? Like a startup, a small business does not have the resources to operate with no business either? What is the solution to this malaise then?

This is where PPC comes into the picture. In the context of search engines, well-run PPC campaigns allow advertisers to appear on the top of SERPs. The entire point of SEO is to optimize the ranking of a webpage on SERPs. While it takes a website many months to reach the top of search rankings, PPC does it instantly (subject to some factors).

Moving forward in this article, we will discuss why it wise to hire PPC services to run paid marketing campaigns and some factors clients must keep in mind while hiring PPC services.

Why Hire PPC Services?

There is plenty of room for making mistakes when it comes to a PPC campaign. From choosing campaign types and mediums to setting target demographics, CPC bid, and finally selecting keyword criteria.

Many factors come into play when a company is trying to get into PPC marketing. There are many examples of companies who have ended up investing copious sums of money in PPC and emerged with no discernible ROI.

PPC advertising can often be a black hole, especially for someone who does not know some of the basics of the practice.

In digital marketing, PPC services have grown to become one of the most lucrative professions. Since SEO has been in the spotlight for a long time, there is ample knowledge about the field. The same cannot be said for PPC. Unlike SEO which can be improbable at times, the results of PPC are almost instantaneously available.

This is why PPC needs a more professional touch. Businesses, even those with an in-house digital marketing team, sometimes hire PPC services to run their paid marketing campaigns. The main motive behind this is to ensure the marketing budget is invested properly. PPC services from a professional company essentially ensure a targeted approach likely to yield better results.

How to Find the Right PPC Services for Your Company?

This is the most important question for a company steadfast in its desire to make full use of paid search and digital marketing tactics.

There are many digital marketing agencies you will find who will provide PPC services. Furthermore, these agencies will say the same kind of things to you regarding their prowess at running successful PPC campaigns. When everyone is the same, how should you choose the right PPC services for your company?

To hire a PPC services firm for your company, the first step you should take as a company is to understand the basics of PPC yourself.


Because if you know nothing about PPC marketing, the agency you meet will run circles around you. In simple words, there is a great chance you could be misled into hiring PPC services from the wrong company.

It is important you understand some of the basics of PPC. By doing so, you can make a technically informed decision regarding hiring a PPC services firm.

Some PPC Basics

There is a need to understand the basics of paid search ads before hiring a PPC services company. Some of these basic points have been listed below:

  1. Keyword research is one of the most essential parts of a PPC campaign. By choosing the right keywords, an advertiser basically ensures that the ad appears in front of the right audience. This, in turn, ensures a greater CTR and probability of a marketing objective being met. Thus, it is vital to choose the right keywords.
  2. The keywords chosen for a PPC campaign may be competitive and used by other advertisers as well. In this case, the rank of your ad will be determined by the CPC bid you place and the quality score.
  3. A CPC bid refers to the maximum amount of money you’re willing to pay per click. For instance, if you’re CPC is Rs. 10, it means you’re willing to pay a maximum of Rs 10 in a PPC campaign. If the total budget of a campaign is Rs. 100, your ad will be clicked at least 10 times before the budget runs out.
  4. The quality score depends on a variety of factors. These factors are click-through-rate (CTR), landing page optimization, keywords in the ad text, quality of keywords in the ad group, and the performance of previously run Google Ads.
  5. Google is the platform to focus a PPC campaign on. There is no point in wasting time on Bing. Only bigger brands who have the luxury of spending time with search engines besides Google should try out Bing for search ads.

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Factors in Deciding the Right PPC Services for Your Company

We have already spoken of the basics of someone hiring a PPC services firm should now. Moving forward, we would delve into the factors that define a good PPC services company. In a world where PPC marketing can sometimes become a little heady, the need for a good company which can provide the right PPC services becomes apparent.

We have made a list of five key factors you must take into account before hiring a PPC company for your business.

  • Track Record

One of the obvious things you should factor in before choosing a company to provide PPC services is checking their track record. PPC campaigns do not always work. By choosing a company that has a good strike rate when it comes to delivering results, you can ensure the investment you make in hiring a digital marketing agency for PPC services bears fruition. Although you will find every company saying that have the best track record when it comes to PPC advertising, the best thing you can do is check these claims and ascertain if they are true or not.

  • Competitor Analysis

It is likely that you have competitors in your field. Your competition with rival companies is not just restricted to brand value and market share, but also in a battle to gain presence through PPC marketing.

If you’re in a field with high competition, make sure the PPC services you hire is good at negating a competitive field and capable of delivering solid results. As the click-through-rate of promoted ads on SERPs grows, the need for concise competitor analytics becomes all the more apparent.

  • Campaign Management

There are moments in a campaign when there is a need to change certain factors to bring greater success. These changes can be related to changing CPC bids, keywords targeted, ad content, demographic targeting, and so on. The PPC services you end up hiring should ideally have a good record in campaign management.

A professional PPC services firm is not just known for launching great paid campaigns but also famed for its capability to adapt to a changing environment. An environment, in this context, refers to the feedback one receives from a campaign. Adapting according to feedback and changing certain factors to achieve the goal is what campaign management is all about.

  • Multi-Platform Approach

PPC campaigns are not just run on search engines. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are also great options to run campaigns on. The PPC services firm you hire should be capable of running paid social media campaigns as well. This is especially important in case you are promoting products and services which find a lot of traction on social media.

  • Analytics

Analytics is the most essential part of a PPC campaign. It helps you figure out whether a campaign is primed to achieve its objectives or not.

Analytics doesn’t simply mean the ability to measure the success or failure of a campaign. A good PPC company is capable of looking at analytics, interpreting the data, and figuring out a way to push the campaign in the right direction.

In Conclusion

In conclusion, this article covers PPC from the ground up. We discussed the point of running PPC campaigns in the first place, the role of PPC in conjunction with SEO, some PPC basics, and finally the many factors one should consider while hiring PPC services for a campaign.

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