Video Marketing

If a picture says a thousand words, how many words does a small 30-second video say?

Video is magic. Our fascination with watching video content dates back to the arrival of cinema. Since those early days, consumption of video content has grown thanks to instant accessibility.

Marketers naturally see videos from a promotional standpoint. Our team at QuickWebster is no different.

video marketing

What is video marketing?

Have you ever seen a video ad on YouTube? Let’s go back further. Have you ever seen a commercial on TV?
These are the most common examples of video marketing. Companies create videos to promote their brand, products, and services.
Video marketing is essentially the practice of promoting a brand and its products through video content. There are a number of ways to promote video content across various online channels. Video marketing encompasses all these different tactics into one tent.

Facts About Video Marketing:

Still not sold on video marketing? Maybe these numbers might help.

  • 54% customers want to see companies push out more video content. (HubSpot)
  • Videos are the most preffered form of content online. (Animoto)
  • Over 66% video marketers get better quality leads. (Optin Monster)
  • Eight out of ten people make buying decisions for software or moble app based on its promo video. (Wyzowl)
  • Over 82% of all global traffic is expected to come from video streaming and downloads inn 2022. (Cisco)

How We Help You?

QuickWebster is a video marketing company with experience in growing brands through state-of-the-art video experiences.

Video marketing is not simple. Head over to YouTube and you will find millions of channels competing for your attention. It is not easy for companies to build their presence on YouTube and other important channels through video content.

Our creative and promotion team understands the challenges of making video marketing work. We know a real video marketing plan doesn’t end with its publication.

How We Do It?

Our video marketing strategy at QuickWebster boils down the process to three key fundamentals.


Video marketing is not just about promoting content.
Marketers have to be involved in the creation and ideation phase because they understand the interests and motivations of an audience.

Our creative team works with clients and proposes different video ideas. Before anything, we sit down with our clients and get a clear picture of the tone and style of video they expect.

How does the ideation process work?

  1. We study – The ideation stage of a video marketing plan must start with thorough market research. Our creators analyze the different video formats and ideas other professionals are working on. We also do a thorough niche analysis to see what the competitors of our clients are doing.
  2. We brainstorm – A thorough process of research helps us come up with great content ideas. We formulate these ideas and condense them into multiple video proposals. Each proposal reflects the specific needs of the client.
  3. You decide – Our creative team presents each video proposal to the client. We are prepared to listen to feedback and make any number of changes our clients need. Our team continues to work on getting the final go-ahead from clients for a proposal. Alternatively, clients have the freedom to let our creative team take the lead and make decisions on the fly.


Creation is when our team finally gets down to creating the video. One of the main reasons our video marketing services are popular is making a complete creative commitment to each video.

Here’s an overview of our creative process-

  1. Pre-production – We first work on creating video scripts and storyboards laying out the structure of the video. This helps bring our creative team on the same page and streamline the overall creation process.
  2. Creating – Our team then gets down to creating the video. We have resources to shoot videos as well as create engaging animated content. Our team is full of dedicated professionals who have the ability to create a whole variety of video content that goes above and beyond industry standards
  3. Post-production – Our editors cut and splice the video down to create idyllic video out of a bunch of frames. We leverage a number of cutting edge video editing tools to make sure the final product is smooth, seamless, and engaging.

Our marketing team works closely with video creators during this stage. This is because they understand the expectations of the target audience clearly. Creators thus remain in-sync with the expectations of the final audience and tweak their creative process accordingly.


QuickWebster has a separate team of video marketing experts who know how to promote video content. This is why our video marketing strategy truly stands apart.

How does our video marketing team work?

  • Video breakdown – Our team breaks down the video into a smaller and crisper form. We then distribute it to different online channels. Smaller and crisp videos are more digestible and easy for sharing.
  • YouTube SEO – Our team creates copy for your video description and title based on essential YouTube SEO guidelines. We also research keywords your video content can rank for.
  • Ad strategies – Our team also has the capability of running ad campaigns to promote your video content on social media platforms and most importantly, YouTube.

Which video marketing services do we provide?

Our video marketing company provides a whole range of services to clients with varying needs and goals. Here are the exact details.

Video production

Video production the key tenet of video marketing. The general difficulty of creating engaging and attractive videos drives away many companies from it.

QuickWebster has a team of professional creators who retain a closer pulse on the video content space. This helps us offer complete video production solutions across different mediums like animation, 3D video, and general videography.

Pre and Post Production

Many companies have their video creation team. The only thing they need is a video marketing team to inject creative energy and manage pre and post production.

QuickWebster steps in as a complete option in this case. Our creative team can provide guidance on key trends and help clients through the tedious process of pre and post production. We offer key services such as scripting and editing.


Have a great video but don’t know how to promote your content?

The digital world is big and full of challenges. Our marketing team works with clients to find different avenues to promote the video. This can prove especially helpful for companies promoting different products and services through video.

Ideation to Promotion – The Complete Package

New to video marketing? You need the complete package in this case.

The complete package basically allows you to let QuickWebster take complete control of your video marketing strategy. Most of our successful clients have leveraged the complete package from time to time. The video we create range from general channel-growing content to brand-oriented promotional videos.

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