What to Look for in a Hosting Service

What to Look for in a Hosting Service?

If you don’t know yet, a hosting service is an essential part of running a website.

Many people refer to hosting as a utility. In many ways, the main job of a hosting service is to give space for the website to exist on the internet along with many other millions of websites.

A good way to think about hosting service is to think of it as a house. In order to build a house, you need land to erect the house on. This land can be thought of as a hosting service.

Now, if you were to invite someone to your new home, how would you give them the address? You need to give them a house number, the street your house is on, the part of the city you live in; all this information is needed for a guest to come to your home.

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A domain name is similar to the address of the website on the internet. It points to the part of the internet on which your website is built. With a place to build your website and an address to welcome a visitor, the first stage of building a website is complete.

How to Start a Website?

The obvious question with all the talk of web hosting is the process of building a website. Not everyone running a business from a website is a full-stack developer. Building a website is no longer a process loaded with heavy technical stuff. Anyone trying to build a website can do so in a matter of minutes.

The following points discuss the stepwise process on how a website is created. Any person trying to start a website for their business should follow the procedure –

  • Buy Domain and Hosting Service

domain names with Hosting Service

Go to a domain or hosting selling website. Enter the name of the domain you wish to buy and choose a hosting plan to go along with it. In case you’re unsure about the kind of hosting service you should buy, read this article until the end to have a better idea. By the way, we also sell web hosting on our website, so feel free to check it out.

In this process, you’d be required to pay a certain amount to buy both domain and hosting. The typical plans to buy a domain and a hosting service last for about a year. They have to be renewed after that.

  • Change Nameservers

hosting service and nameservers

So this is something many blogs and how-to articles do not discuss in great detail. After buying a domain and hosting, it is necessary to connect them to each other. This is done by making sure the domain points to the location of the web host.

To do this, the nameservers of the domain have to be changed. After copying the address of the hosting service, the person building the website has to log in to the domain account and update the nameserver address.

This is an important part of the procedure many people miss while building a website. Some hosting services do not require the buyer to connect domain and hosting. In any case, people buying a hosting package should know this.

  • Choose Your Platform

Log in to cPanel. Almost every cPanel allows website runners to install CMSs like WordPress.

WordPress is not the only option. There are other CMSs like Wix and Squarespace. However, none of them come close to WordPress right now. For a person from a non-technical background looking to build a website, there is nothing better than WordPress. If a buyer knows how to code, there is also the option of building the website from scratch. Make sure the website you create matches the need of your business. Study other websites in your niche before creating the layout of your website.

What You Should Look For in a Hosting Service?

Once you decide to build a website for your business and choose a domain name, the next stage is to choose the hosting service best suited to your needs. A number of factors come into play while deciding which hosting plan is best suited.

Many website builders don’t overcomplicate their hosting choices and buy a domain and hosting from the cheapest seller available. This is a classic rookie’s mistake. A business should consider its website as a spokesperson of the brand. Each and every part of its existence should serve the business. Going with a cheap web host without checking if it meets every need of your business website is the wrong path.

There are various factors that play a decisive role in helping you choose the right hosting service at the best price. Our very own hosting service sold on this website meets all the parameters discussed below. In any case, you should know these factors well and why they are important in helping you make an informed choice for your business-

  • Affordability

The first and obvious thing you are likely to see in a hosting plan is its cost. So, there is no reason why the price of your hosting service shouldn’t be a top factor.

Some plans are expensive, some are cheap. It is up to you to choose which one fits your needs best. In many cases, sellers tend to overprice their hosting plan when in fact the same features are available at a lower price.

Finding these faults lies at the heart of choosing a hosting service at the best price. Buying the cheapest or a free website hosting service is not a solution. Many cheap and free hosting plans tend to be very unreliable and the main cause of slowing down a website.

Choose a hosting plan at a price that agrees with your business. If you believe you will be getting a lot of traffic in a few months, choose a better plan and get going. If your business niche is small and doesn’t need the extensive features of a typical premium plan, choose a basic hosting package.

  • Reputation of Hosting Service

This is again a key factor. There are some popular hosting services that tend to have a very poor reputation and perception.

This poor reputation is created largely because of the troubles previous buyers have had with a given hosting service seller. While betting on your website’s stability, choosing a provider with a poor reputation is detrimental.

Before choosing a hosting plan, check online forums such as Quora and others to see which hosting service is the most reliable and consistent. Usually, this process doesn’t take more than fifteen to twenty minutes, so you should do this positively.

We ourselves are very proud to have received nothing but praise from our customers. Feel free to go through some customer reviews and testimonials on our website.

  • Server Uptime

Imagine you go to a website to read some content and it doesn’t open due to some server issues. What does that make you feel about the website? You are most likely to have a negative perception and unlikely to ever visit it again.

If you have a website of your own, you cannot afford to let it go offline, even for a minute. The most trafficked websites in the world such as Google and Amazon rarely suffer any server problems. Why? Because they are committed to not losing visitors and customers for even a second.

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In order to build a great website, you should opt for a hosting service that has a high server uptime. Hosting plans with uptime scores below 99% are typically unreliable. You should choose a plan with a server uptime score of over 99.5%.

Any hosting service plan worth its salt will mention the server uptime score in its list of features. Check if the score is over 99.5%. If it is, you can proceed to check other factors. If not, do not buy that hosting plan.

  • Add On Domain Services

After creating one website, you might think of building another. Should you look for a new hosting plan for the new website? No! Would you look for new land if you want to add a lawn to your home? No, you would most likely make space in the existing property itself.

A good hosting service will offer you the option of adding multiple domains to the same web host. Managing different hosting plans can become a nightmare in such a case. The option of hosting multiple domains is thus important and should be considered as a factor while choosing a hosting plan.

Many businesses like to have multiple domains in order to double the output they’re getting from a campaign. A simple example is how some companies have four or five different websites to generate valuable business leads. The same is true for an e-commerce business trying to sell its products through traffic coming to different websites. For such businesses, add on domain services come in handy.

  • Customer Support

Many tend to ignore customer support as they live under the illusion that nothing wrong will happen to their website. Some of the biggest bloggers and website runners will attest to the fact that a million things can go wrong while running a website.

Customer support won’t seem important to you when things are going well. The moment something goes wrong, you’ll need to have a word with your hosting provider. This is why choosing a hosting plan that offers ultimate customer support becomes very important.

If you have a bustling e-commerce website earning $500 every day, even a few hours of your website going offline due to some trivial reason can have a deep impact. Customer support helps a business website find its feet quickly at such a time.

  • Website Backup

Many bloggers and small-scale e-commerce stores have to deal with black-hat hackers from time to time. These hackers are notorious for disrupting the entire database of a website. In such a case, having a website backup becomes essential, as creating the entire content from the ground up can be impossible for some.

While choosing a hosting service, you should ascertain whether the plan takes regular backup of data. Not only does this act as an insurance policy against cyber-attacks, but it also helps in case you mistakenly delete or alter the code of a website. This is especially important for those who depend on content to generate leads.

If a hacker strips a website of years of content in a matter of minutes, a business loses its ability to generate leads, and by extension, its ability to generate revenue. Website backups are thus crucial.

  • Type of Server

When buying a domain, you should be very particular about checking the type of server being offered in the plan. Most freelancers, bloggers, and small-scale businesses choose shared servers. If your website is getting up to 40,000 unique hits on a WordPress CMS, a shared server can handle the load. In case you’re expecting greater traffic, there is always the option of migrating to a VPS or a dedicated server. The cost of dedicated servers and VPS is naturally more than shared, but they offer greater speed, security, and overall performance.

  • Check if cPanel is provided in Hosting Plan

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Server management is important. For someone from a non-technical background, server management can be a very strenuous task. This is where cPanel helps.

One of the best server management tools available, cPanel should be an absolute must in a hosting plan. Businesses interested in a hosting plan should check if a cPanel is included in the package.

All these factors and more have to be taken into account while choosing a hosting service. As someone starting a new website, we understand why you are stuck on the question of getting the right hosting service for your business.

Based on the factors discussed, our own hosting plan should suit your needs perfectly. If you’re not convinced, read the factors again and check the features we offer in each of our hosting packages.

Hosting Service – What type of Website are you Building?

Before buying a hosting service, it is prudent for anyone building a website to first know the kind of website they’re building.

A number of factors related to the website have to be taken into consideration. Some of the factors have been discussed below-

  • How much audience do you intend to get?
  • What kind of website are you building?
  • Are you going to choose a CMS or code the website from scratch?
  • If you’re going to choose a CMS, which one are you choosing?
  • Are you looking at the website as a long-term project, or is it a short term idea?

The answer to all these questions can help a person identify key attributes of their website. A person may not know exact answers to some questions such as the audience numbers or the kind of CMS to be chosen. In this case, the person should study competing websites in the niche and find out what they’re doing well and how they seem to be doing it.

A lot of answers related to website building can be answered simply by looking at competitors. In every niche, there is a website that corners most of the audience due to key factors like the content, website speed, and other factors. A person entering such a niche should study the good things a leader is doing, the mistakes other websites are making, and create a website that mirrors these points.

In Conclusion

There are many things people say about hosting. Some call it a utility. Others consider it to be a major factor in the overall experience of a website.

In any case, you have to choose a hosting service that matches your business needs. Our hosting plans cover each and every need a business website might have. If you’re looking for a dependable and reliable name in the web hosting world, your search ends here.

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